“Self-care is how you take your power back” - Lalah Delia

Simple Self-Help Techniques to Resolve Neck Pain

Introducing our self-paced online course on neck pain relief, designed specifically for individuals like you who are seeking genuine freedom from discomfort. Dive into an empowering journey as we unravel the practical secrets and insights that will restore harmony to your body and reignite your zest for life.

Through our meticulously crafted modules, you will discover the power within yourself to conquer neck pain, reclaiming the joy of engaging fully in the activities that matter most to you. Take charge of your well-being today and embrace the transformative possibilities.

In this course you will get:

  • Self-help techniques to help ease and/or eliminate your neck pain
  • Suggestions and recommendations to make lasting change
  • Downloadable resources to support a pain free life

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7 Modules

Module 1: Overview

What to expect from this course and from me.

What do I expect from you.

Module 4: Techniques to Ease Neck Pain

Follow each technique video instructions carefully. 

Try not to do all of the techniques back-to-back, you may overload your system. This is one of the reasons I keep my sessions to 30 minutes. 

After a while you’ll figure out what techniques work best for you.

Bonus: How to Solve Headache

Modules for this product 7

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